Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Your road to good health is now just a laugh away! Come learn more about hasyayoga at
It makes you feel at peace with yourself and enhance positive vibes in you.
hasyayoga can help alleviate hypertension, heart problems, stomach ailments and diabetes.
Although to an onlooker it may seem funny, for those who practice it, there’s plenty to gain.
It is not uncommon to see people in parks, laughing away in the early morning hours resounding with Ha-Ha-Ha.
More and more people switch to hasyayoga from other forms of exercise.
hasyayoga is an easy and effective solution for stress and other health problems.
Stress can increase blood pressure, cause digestive problems, diabetes and heart problems.
,,,,all add to the stress and have an adverse effect on health.
Usually,deadlines at work, pressures on performance and the material possessions one is judged by in society,,,,,,
hasyayoga is an effective stress buster for people living in bustling cities.
hasyayoga has become popular in the modern world due to its immense benefits.
Practicing hasyayoga on a daily basis, is one sure shot way to look good and feel great at all times.
This happens because laughter incites the brain to release a feel-good hormone that has an overall implication on your health.
hasyayoga takes care of your body and keeps it in the best of health while hasyayoga has the unique property to make you feel good & upbeat
Researchers have identified that those who do laughter&fitness yoga in combination,enjoy good mental&physical health
Did you know that laughter yoga has direct and important health implications?
Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? Well, this age old saying might actually be based upon fact.
Hasyayoga : Laugh Your Way Towards a Healthy Life.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

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Book - HASYA YOGA VIGYAN By Jiten Kohi
Many people says they get relief through Hasyayoga in many diseases like Backache & neckache,joint pains,indigestion,obesity,Heart diseases
Many people says they get relief through Hasyayoga in many diseases like depression, Blood pressure, Asthma, Allergy, Cervical
We can also laugh for no reason if we tried a little bit, is it difficult? Let’s make our heart & soul as sweet & soft as a child.
Laugh is highly communicable. Children are laughing for no reason, why? Because they do not have any inhibitions.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spread massage of laughter.Initiate laughter movement for health, happiness & world peace.
Laugh has no religion,caste,gender,age difference &no status.Only laugh can bring together 2 men, 2 nations,2 boundaries & 2 worlds closer
“NOT just laugh forEntertainment
Hasyayoga forTOTAL Health”
“Laughing India–Healthy India”
“World peace through laugh”
The Laughter Club HASYA YOGA KENDRA is setup by Hasyayoga Guru Jiten Kohi. visit

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

“Mahima Hasyayogasya modyanti cha manava”
“NOT just laugh for Entertainment Hasyayoga for TOTAL Health”
Abraham Lincoln once
said, “I laugh because I do not want to cry.”
Right from the childhood we have been listening, “Laughter is the best medicine” but as we grow the laughter is fading out from our life.
Increasing sense of insecurity
and loneliness has brought us to this stage.
This is rather an incomplete version of Hasyayoga. This just sensitizes the people towards laughter and does not impart as such total health.
“NOT just laugh for Entertainment
Hasyayoga for TOTAL Health” visit
Yoga Siddhi (achievement of ‘THE APEX’ in Yoga) is the result of years of constant practice, patience and deep concentration, a simple laughter gesture or action is not ‘Hasyayoga’.
One stream of the Yoga has been developed as‘HASYAYOGA’(Laughter Yoga)to generate positive energy,And for the health, happiness&world peace.
Today, the whole world has accepted the ultimate importance and excellence of Yoga originated from the holy soul of India.