Monday, 11 April 2011

Today,the whole world has accepted the ultimate importance &excellence of Yoga originated from the holy soul of Indiahttp://www.hasyayoga.in
Sleeplessness, envy, lethargy, dissatisfaction and bad luck run away forever never to return.
Hasyayoga brings peace to sadhak & the feeling of love,affection,kindness,friendship and goodness prevails.http://ping.fm/xNRFu
Anindram dweshnerashyamsantoshcha durbhaga:
Hasyayogen durach naayati hi punastathha. http://ping.fm/OJSIx
Hasanantaram shantim praptam bhavti haskam. Pranimatreshu matrich sokhyam sneham dayaam tathha. http://ping.fm/ELy4r
This flower of happiness blossoms as much as it is opened.http://ping.fm/2XYsC
We are searching for happiness outside whereas it lies within us. Inside lays only happiness. http://ping.fm/V6WcJ